Fume Cupboards Perth

Johndec Safetyflow Fume Cupboards comply with Australian Standards and are wholly manufactured in WA since 1982.

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Fume Extraction Fans

Johndec Chemco range of fans are developed to handle heavy corrosive fumes, vapours, contaminated air and aggressive gases.

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Onsite Installation

Johndec are able to carry out onsite installation of complete turnkey fume cupboard systems, even in remote parts of Australia.

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Safety Storage Cabinets


Johndec Engineering has a complete range of chemical safety storage cabinets, for safe and secure storage of dangerous goods all manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards. The range of cabinets include:-

  • Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinets
  • Corrosive Substances Storage Cabinets
  • Organic Peroxides Storage Cabinets
  • Oxidizing Agents Storage Cabinets
  • Toxic Substances Safety Cabinet
  • Custom made Chemical Storage Cabinets to meet specified requirements.

Johndec Engineering can also supply venting kits for all types of Chemical Safety Storage Cabinets.


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Australian designed & manufactured equipment to exceed Australian Standards & conditions.

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